Marco Magalhães was born in Porto in 1980. He has diplomas from the Conservatório de Música do Porto, the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa and from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. In these institutions he worked with Pedro Sousa Silva, Pedro Couto Soares, Paul Leenhouts, Walter van Hauwe and Jorge Isaac. During studies, Marco was interested in the various languages of music, going from the medieval, via the renaissance and the baroque towards the various modern languages of music.

Marco participated in different workshops with amongst others Jill Feldman, Kees Boeke, Paulo Pandolfi, Heiko ter Schegget, Peter Holtslag, Peter van Heyghen, Ku Ebbinge and Enrico Onofri. Marco obtained a scholarship from Centro Nacional de Cultura/Instituto Português da Juventude. Next to his education as a recorder player, Marco enjoyed playing the saxophone, being part of the Banda de Freamunde, one of the most reknown brass orchestras of Portugal.

As a professional musician, Marco had the opportunity to play with ensembles and orchestras such as Capela Real de Lisboa, A Imagem de Melancolia, Il Dolcimelo, Concertus Antiquus, Sete Lágrimas, The Garnier Ensemble, Les Cinq Élèments, The Royal Wind Music, Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa and the Baroque Orchestra CvA. He performed in Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Germany and the USA, in important concerts halls like Casa da Música (Porto), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), Muziekgebouw (Amsterdam), Jordan Hall (Boston) and at festivals such as the Utrecht Early Music Festival and the Festival de Musica Antigua (Barcelona).

In 2007, Marco recorded a CD, Lachrimæ #1, with the ensemble Sete Lágrimas for the label Murecords. With A Imagem da Melancolia he recorded two CD’s: A Arte da Usurpação, in 2005 for Phonedition and The Bad Tempered Consort, in 2008 for Challenge Classics. With the ensemble The Royal Wind Music he recorded two CD’s: The Flute Heaven of the Gods in 2008 and Del Canto Figurado in 2009, both of them for the label Lindoro.

In 2007, Marco started a duet with percussionist Glenn Liebaut. During his studies in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Marco Magalhães got in contact with electronic music and with computer programs that manipulate the sound, and is currently working on new projects involving electronics. At the moment, Marco is living in Amsterdam.